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Sioux Falls/Brandon Fall Flag Football

SCHEDULE for remaining season

Sioux Falls 

Kindergarten – Saturday 10:00 (pre-game) – Noon

1st & 2nd Grade – Saturday 10:00 (pre-game) – Noon

3rd & 4th Grade – Monday 6:00 (pre-game) – 7:15 PM

5th & 6th Grade – Monday 6:55 (pre-game) – 8:35 PM 


1st & 2nd Grade – Tuesday 6:30 – 8:00 PM

3rd & 4th Grade – Tuesday 6:30 – 8:00 PM

5th & 6th Grade – Tuesday 6:30 – 8:00 PM


2019 Flag Flyer SF Brandon

Flag Football Chalkboard-

Team pictures will be taken starting week 3-4 (weather permitting).

Pictures are taken during the game, so no need to schedule a time for your team.

Pictures are FREE for all players and coaches. They will be available @ the last game.

Waiver Forms Please remember to fill out waiver forms and give to your coach. Click on “Parents” under FFB tab.

COACH CHECK provides parents an opportunity to report anything that is a valid concern that you observe on the field from your team, coach, or the team you are playing. Avoid on-field confrontations, please use Coach Check by emailing

Season Schedule : 7 weeks / 5 regular season games / 1 playoff game / 1 Bowl game

Everyone is in the playoffs / week #6

Everyone is in a Bowl game / week #7

WEATHER: cancellations /postponements will be posted on the CHALKBOARD 90 min before game time or sooner.

Games may be rescheduled for another date that week, played in a double header the following week, or made up by extending the season 1 more week.

Please join us for the pregame program before each game. We ask that you observe the “Ready/Focus” policy we have for the players and give your attention and respect to our featured speakers. Thank you.


  • Brandon- Tuesdays at 6:30pm at Aspen Park
  • Sioux Falls- Saturdays for Sioux Falls K-ball & 1st & 2nd grades at 10:30am at Riverdale Park
  • Sioux Falls- Mondays at 6:00 for 3rd & 4th grades and 7:30 for 5th & 6th grades at Riverdale Park.  Pregame for 5th & 6th grades @ 7:00pm.


For Sioux Falls 3rd-4th / 5th-6th grade parking and late game plan Monday night games, the "Lot" gets a little congested. With this year's schedule with early and late games, we will need to allow for early game people to exit and clear out before late game players arrive. In order to start the 5-6th grade games early and keep from late nights, we would ask that players be dropped off @ the shelter any time after 6:15 for pregame warmups and pregame program @6:55. Coaches will determine your pregame arrival time. This allows us to get an early start and an earlier finish.Parents can park if there is an open spot in the lot or in the neighborhood streets, or you can return @ 7:30 for Kickoff after 3-4th players have cleared the Lot. Overflow parking area will be available also on the grass as you enter Riverdale on the South side of the entrance road. (5-6th coaches arriving early for pregame warmups will have reserved parking in the OVERFLOW Lot next to the shelter.) 

Coaches, please see the Coaches Information page under Flag Football.