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Luke Jelen

In ministry and in life, my ultimate purpose is to bring glory to Jesus Christ. My ministry at FCA will center around intentional relationship-building and one-on-one mentorship, hoping to point each person to the Savior, who is the hope of the world. 

Sport is a passion that God has given me to connect with people for the sake of the Gospel. Among other responsibilities, I am serving as the Director of All-Sport All-Summer Camp, as Chaplain of the Ironman Football League, and volunteer coaching for the Lincoln High School cross country team. I will also assist in launching and growing FCA huddles on middle school, high school, and college campuses all over the city of Sioux Falls.

Training up future leaders for Christ is my passion, and I seek to encourage, equip, and empower every person that the Lord leads me to mentor. I have come to realize that on my own strength and effort, my ministry will fail. My dependence on the Holy Spirit every day is what makes this ministry successful for the Kingdom. I hope you choose to join me in seeing the amazing work that God is doing through FCA!

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